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Defining Moment Photography
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Defining Moment is a full service sports and event photography company based in Oklahoma City, OK, and travels for assignments across the United States. We specialize in sports action photography and portraits.

If you are looking for something different for your sports photography needs, Defining Moment is the only call you will need to make.

We can be reached by:

Phone: 405.830.6674

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Guestbook for Defining Moment Sports Media
4.Joanna Taylor(non-registered)
In the 2013 Moore Football Round Robin Album, you have our 6U team listed as the Hawkeyes. We are in fact the Wildcats and were wearing those jerseys because they were donated to us until our uniforms were finished. Will you please change the team name so family members can find their players. Thank you.
Our team (Rippers) played Thurs night on Apr 11 at Dolese Park. The photographer showed me a picture that she took of my grandson that night. That is the photo I am seeking in the hopes of a purchase. The teams tops were maron.
The guestbook is empty.